Karen Childress - Writer, Healthcare Consultant, Coach

Who hires Karen Childress?

(1) Editors of healthcare trade publications who understand the value of working with a writer who knows the territory, speaks the language, tracks down the best expert sources, delivers clean, readable, compelling copy, and always makes deadline. 

(2)  Leaders of healthcare organizations who need an experienced writer who consistently delivers quality work, offers ideas, pays attention to detail, finds resources, and works within budget.

(3) Healthcare practitioners and consultants poised to launch, expand, or re-focus a business. They need website copy, newsletters, articles for publication, and patient education materials to present themselves professionally and attract their ideal patients or clients.

(4) Healthcare professionals who want to see their ideas in print but don't have time to sit down and write. 


Thank you for visiting my website. I write about healthcare, practice management and marketing, and physician career issues. To learn more about my services, read clips, or find out how I became a healthcare writer, please click on one of these links:

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"Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change."
- Ingrid Bengis


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